The Ridgeway Map for Android provides a map of the Ridgeway trail in 43 sections. Download here

  • Each section is 2 miles long.
  • No network access is required (to avoid network coverage problems/data roaming charges).
  • When location information is available the first map displayed will be the section closest to your current location.
  • Some elevation information is included

Ogby St. George West Uffington West

The Ridgeway Map is intended for use in conjunction with a good book on the Ridgeway trail. The app allows the walker to pause, grab their phone and quickly ascertain their location along the trail and the up-coming terrain/features/points of interest and guage the remaining distance to their destination for the day.

Uffington East Map key and instructions

The first screen is the Map Key, this gives the usage instructions and the key for the non-OS map features. Tapping this screen will cause the map section closest to the device's current location to be displayed, the user can then use swipe gestures to navigate East and West along the Ridgeway trail.