Wicklow Way

This is the Wicklow Way Page. It features an interactive map that is intended to help anyone planning a hike along the trail to plan the each days walking. To this end the path is clearly marked with alternating red and orange sections. Each section is 2 miles long.

The process of planning the walk is fairly straightforward:

  1. Decide on where your over-all walk should start and finish. If you plan to do the full walk then this is simple, but if you are walking part of the walk you need to identify where you want to start and stop.
  2. Having identified the over-all route it is now necessary to get a rough day to day itinerary. For this you can use the map to plan your start and stop points for each day of walking. As each section is 2 miles long a quick count of the sections allows you to identify what distance to walk each day.
  3. Now the daily itinerary is in place you need to identify accomodation near the start and end points, and how to get between the accomodation and the walking route. In a lot of cases it is possible to walk from the walk to a nearby B&B, but it can be necessary to get some transport.
  4. Having booked the accomodation and sorted how to get to/from your daily start/stop points a good baggage transfer service will be invaluable in avoiding lugging everything with you.
That's it, go walk and enjoy!


Useful Links:

It is also hoped to eventually provide a gallery of photos to help give an impression of the scenery on various stages of the walk.